Glida – bikes from scratch

The Lund Bike Workshop was an experiment to prove the old saying, talk is cheap, and a hand brazed steel frame is solid gold. During a week long design sprint (March 10-14, 2014), three teams set out to express the “bike life in Lund”. A couple of days in, use cases, aspirational mindsets and design drivers were being brazed together in steel tubing.


Indutrial Design


IKEA of Sweden



In an era where rapid prototyping and 3D modeling software makes it possible to go from idea to product without getting your hands dirty, it’s easy to loose touch with the real world. The world where wood has grain, ceramics has shrinkage and steel tube is cold and hard, very hard.

It’s only by getting to know a material that you can recognize its full potential, learning to work with its properties and not against them. The knowledge of a designer should reside in hand and mind alike.In other words: get your hands dirty or go home.

The university town of Lund, and its surroundings in southern Sweden, has unique character and a vibrant atmosphere that is constantly evolving but never losing its essence, and bicycling is at the core of the Lund lifestyle. We all poured our experiences into the design process to come up with three specific use cases that celebrates different perspectives of bike riding in the region. We have all been there - the intercity commuting, grocery shopping and the days when we are just enjoying the ride.