For this project we were asked to explore our behaviours around food and cooking - and envision the future kitchen built for those needs. One of the growing trends that became obvious to us was that people want to modify products to make them their own. People increasingly want to make their own solutions by hacking modular systems.


Indutrial Design


IKEA of Sweden



A modular frame system

A frame system consisting of standard sized wooden beams and metal joints, which function as the main structure for kitchen appliances such as cabinets, surfaces and fittings. Due to the systems flexiblity and possiblity of hacking, it allows for custom sizes and third party objects, making it possible to cater for different needs in any environment. 

Identified Users

1.The Sampler
Expressionist type of people who are unsatisfied with existing standardized solutions. Instead they carefully choose products/parts from different sources and combine these to create new solutions. 

2.The Problem Solver
Engineering type of people who like to modify their kitchen to solve specific problems. These types of people care less about aesthetics but rather like to improve the functionality according to a specific need. 

3.The Creator From Scratch
Revolutionary type of people who like to plan, customize and build their own kitchen solutions from scratch to suit their needs. These people have a high aspiration to aesthetical and functional solutions. They like to react against the mainstream.

4.The Ordinary
Ordinary type of consumer who likes a full solution without effort. You can choose between between different colors, handles and manageable amount of different sizes.