Ombyte Moving Bags

Moving doesn’t have to be from one apartment to another or from one home to another – moving can also be from the bedroom to the laundry. The OMBYTE bags come in two different designs and will help you carry your stuff while you move as well as during your day-to-day activities. The patterns were designed by Ida Petterson.


IKEA of Sweden




IKEA of Sweden

With the OMBYTE bags, we wanted to make it easy to store and move things at home and outside too. That’s why they’re strong and extra spacious.One model comes with straps, so you can use it as a backpack too, and both have zippers to keep your things in place and protected.

The vibrant wildlife inspired prints are there to put new life into ordinary bags – and maybe make moving a bit more fun too.


One of the main inspiration for this project came from ice-hockey bags. The main aim was to make it easy to move things from A to B. It is suppose to be practical, generous in size and durable in order to fit all your belongings for a long time.

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