Moves you when seated. This sit/stand support helps you to sit actively. A smart mechanism keeps your body in constant motion, strengthens muscles and the spine – and gives you a naturally healthy posture. The product and construction is made from long lasting materials designed to last. 


IKEA of Sweden




IKEA of Sweden

Trollberget is part a collection called IDÅSEN, a series of modern office furniture that keeps you company during business hours at home or in the office.The stool is height adjustable with inbuilt flexibility, allowing you to work perfectly at a standing desk and alternate between different postures.

The base is made from a solid knock-down steel construction, making it easy to transport. The seat is made from long lasting leather with high comfort.

Made for todays

office demands

Trollberget's active seating function makes it a modern, up-to-date furniture, that fits well into todays office and work environments. It uses a new type of mechanism that allows to turn and tilt in any direction, making it a healthy alternative to any ordinary static office furniture.