Världens Collection

Bag drop! Today, our lives are often fast-paced and fluid. Daily commutes, weekend trips and grocery shopping are all part of our every day. That’s why we’ve developed a range of bags designed to enable a truly mobile lifestyle. Featuring clever functions and recycled materials, you can just grab your stuff and go.


IKEA of Sweden




IKEA of Sweden

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The 36 L Backpack

Ideal for short trips, private or business. This cabin-sized, travel backpack holds everything you could possibly need during the trip – from passport and computer to clothes and shoes.

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The 26 L Backpack

This backpack holds everything you need for a day on the go – travelcard, lunch box, helmet, training gear and computer. Perfect if you want a practical everyday bag with many smart details.

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The 16 L Backpack

This backpack holds everyday things such as travelcard, lunch box, mobile phone and computer. Perfect if you want a durable and reasonably large bag with many practical and functional details.


The Toiletry Bag

The Toiletry Bag is made with the same sturdy, water repellant and recycled fabric as the other bags in the collection. Easy to expand and hang up to get an overview of your accessories. 

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The Belt Bag

The belt bag is designed for exploring with ease. It provides multiple pockets with different degrees of accessibility to store your daily essentials.